Pavel Rychetský

An expert on Constitutional Law, Pavel Rychetský, is the President of the Constitutional Court of the Czech Republic. He regularly holds lectures at the UP Faculty of Law for Master’s and Bachelor’s programme students and at specialised conferences. He was granted the František Palacký Prize in appreciation of his civic activities during the era of Normalisation, for his successful long-term governance of the Constitutional Court of the Czech Republic, and also for his long-term support to the UP Faculty of Law.

According to Milana Hrušáková, former Dean of the UP Faculty of Law, who introduced the laureate of this prestigious award, there is barely anyone amongst lawyers, students and the broad public who would not know the name of Pavel Rychetský. He is synonymous with a respected lawyer and a sensible person with a very realistic view of life; he has refused, at least twice, to become a candidate for the post of the highest state representative.


  • The František Palacký Prize - June 8, 2016

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