Rector's Prize

Rector's Prize for Best B.A. and M.A. Theses and Excellence in Athletics

The Rector of Palacký University annually awards prizes to students for the best Bachelor's and Magister's theses and for excellence in athletics. The awards ceremony proves that the university is attended by creative and competitive students, whose intellectual and athletic achievements are a mark of the high academic and professional standards of the university. Students successfully represent Olomouc in nationwide and international competitions. Much of their work has practical applications.

Rector's Certificate of Merit for Publications

Another award given by the Rector of Palacký University is for the best book-length publications by members of the academic community for the past year. The breadth of the academic investigations in the selected monographs is proof of the extent of research conducted by UP faculties and workplaces. The award-winning books from various methodological aspects investigate themes from theology, philosophy, literature, linguistics, psychology, history, art history, film and theatre, political science, and physical culture.