Projects and Grants

For Palacký University, projects and grants are not only a motor for academic research, but also an important component of its financing. Palacký University received 290,569,000 CZK (nearly 11 million EUR) in 2014 from 224 projects, about 2 million EUR more than in the year previous. The largest number of grants come from the Grant Agency of the Czech Republic, and there are also significant numbers of projects emanating from the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Health. All the faculties of Palacký University, except for the Faculty of Health Sciences, have projects with special purpose support.

Most Significant Grant Projects

Development of pre-application research in nano- and biotechnologies

To boost research into nanotechnologies and biotechnologies in the pre-application stage, i.e. prior to their application in practice, is the main purpose of this joint project by two scientific centres at Palacký University Olomouc – the Centre of the Region Haná for Biotechnological and Agricultural Research (CRH) and the Regional Centre of Advanced Technologies and Materials (RCPTM). Thanks to a subsidy of €5 million from the Operational Programme “Research, Development and Education – Pre-Application Research for ITI (Integrated Territorial Investment)”, researchers will be able to deal with the development of new technologies that could be used for instance in agriculture, the food industry, environmental protection, and medicine. The results of their research should contribute to the development of the Olomouc conurbation.

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Plants for sustainable global development

The Centre of the Region Haná for Biotechnology and Agricultural Research (CRH) succeeded in the grant competition “Excellence in Research” in the Operational Programme “Science, Research and Education”. The project entitled “Plants as a Means of Sustainable Global Development” placed 7th out of the 15 best projects. The funds allocated to the support of research in biotechnologies will also allow them to obtain new instrumentation, hire new experts, and collaborate with scientific centres abroad.


Support for the Sustainability of the Institute of Molecular and Translational Medicine

The main goal of the project, the biggest project at the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry, is to support and further expand the existing infrastructure of the Institute of Molecular and Translational Medicine and integrate its research workers into international research platforms. We would like to improve the cooperation between the private and public sectors in research and further improve the position of the institute as a top educational centre.
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Tissue and Organelle Specific Compartmentation of Cytokinin Metabolism and Perception Using a Maize Model

The goal of this project, run by the Faculty of Sciences, is to show the localisation of selected proteins of cytokinin metabolism and perception by using immunogold confocal and electron microscopy and cell separation through the use of laser capture microdissection.
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Centre of Drug-Dietary Supplements Interactions and Nutrigenetics

The goal of this Centre of Excellence project is to reveal or rule out the risks connected with using natural compounds found in a wide range of food supplements by means of using the newest cellular and molecular methods upon the basis of a complex approach.
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Competence Centre for Molecular Diagnosis and Personalised Medicine

The main goal of the project is to make use of and strengthen existing expertise and attain a critical number of participants and experiences in the area of research, development, production, protecting intellectual property, certification, transfer technology, and development of an enterprise for creating a market-oriented and flexible national network of important institutions in the area of biomarkers and molecular diagnostics.
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Environmentally Friendly Nanotechnologies and Biotechnologies in Water and Soil Treatment

The aim of the project is to establish the NANOBIOWAT Centre, which combines the capacities of three academic and six industrial entities for the purpose of development and implementation of ecologically sound nanotechnologies and biotechnologies used for purifying and treating widely varying degrees of water. The strategic goal of the project is that the Czech Republic would become a leader in the area of water purification and treatment.
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Centre for Digital Optics

The Centre brings together academic workplaces and industrial partners aimed at optics, thermal technology, development and production of complicated equipment and software, creating a strong high-tech consortium in the area of digital optics. The project follows the narrow connection between advanced technologies, modern optics and photon systems, and high-performance digital methods for working with data.
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Bible History and Interpretation

The goal of this interdisciplinary project is to contribute to clarifying the process in which biblical texts, which arose under the influence of historical circumstances, became an important formulating influence on new cultural traditions.
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Nanotechnology for the future

The project by the Regional Centre of Advanced Technologies and Materials (RCPTM) entitled “Nanotechnology for the Future” from the grant competition “Excellence in Research” in the Operational Programme “Science, Research and Education” is counting on the development of nanotechnologies with major societal impact in the areas of improving the quality of the environment, human health, and renewable energy sources. Scientists will also look into the development of new super-functional materials with unique magnetic, optical, and catalytic properties for application in water treatment, environmental protection, production and storage of hydrogen power, and in biomedicine.