Palacký University takes part in higher education rankings as well as in field-based rankings. In comparison to other Czech universities, UP excels in top cited publications and in citation rate. Although at first glance it does not differ significantly from other rangkings, it is unique in its approach. U-Multirank does not evaluate the overall score but allows the user to choose an important criterion for him to compare the university with a competitive university environment. Compared to other universities in the Czech Republic, it is distinguished in patents or citation of scientific works.

U-Multirank, Results 2021:
Palacký University Olomouc
(selected indicators)
UP among 13 Czech universities
Citation rate #1
Patents awarded (absolute number) #1
Patents awarded (size normalised) #1
Industrial co-patents #1
Publications cited in patents #1

Source: U-Multirank

Palacký University also shared the Czech number one position in the indicators of Research Publications, External Research Income, Post Doc Positions, Open Access to Publications, Percentage of International Foreign Academics and International Joint Publications.

The updated chart can be found in the Excel file under the "graf 2021" tab.