QS World University Rankings

The international QS World University Rankings® is considered the most prestigious international university rankings along with the Times Higher Education World University Rankings. It is the first compiler of international rankings to be independently audited and approved by the IREG Observatory on Academic Rankings and Excellence, which evaluates and critically examines existing international rankings. Palacký University has been included for the first time in 2016. In the global assessment of QS University Rankings 2022, Palacký University ranks on 601st–600th positions (5911st–600th in the previous year).

More than 1300 universities from 93 countiries are listed in the rankings; the Czech Republic had fifteen representatives.

Similarly to other university rankings, the QS World University Rankings assess performance in science and research on the basis of bibliographic databases of articles and their citations. Concerning these two criteria, Palacký University has been a leading institution in the Czech Republic in recent years; its international position is also impressive, which has been confirmed by other important international rankings. The QS Rankings also assess the student-to-faculty ratio, the international student ratio, the international faculty ratio, and a global reputation survey is conducted. Academic reputation, that is, the perception of schools by the academic community and major international employers, makes up 40 percent of the overall score.


The sub-ranking here is QS World University Ranking by Subject, which focuses on evaluating universities in 51 fields divided into five areas (Arts & Humanities, Engineering & Technology, Life Sciences & Medicine, Natural Sciences, Social Sciences & Management). In the ranking for 2021, Palacký University scored in six fields.

QS by Subject   2018 2019 2020 2021
Arts and Humanities Linguistics 251—300 201—350 251—300 -
Modern Languages 251—300 251—300 201—250 -
Life Sciences and Medicine Agriculture and Forestry - 251—300 251—300 251—300
Biological Sciences - - 551—600 551—600
Medicine 451—500 451—500 451—500 451—500
Natural Sciences Natural Sciences - - 451—500 401—450
Chemistry 401—450 - 451—500 351—400
Physics and Astronomy 501—550 - - 501—550