CWUR (Center for World University Rankings)

In the ranking of the world’s best universities provided by The Center for World University Rankings (CWUR) 2021–2022, Palacký University Olomouc placed 572nd, equalling its 2019 best. In addition to the UP, another 11 Czech universities have entered the rangings. Compared with them, Palacký University finished second after Charles University when it surpassed Masaryk University.

The Centre for World University Rankings has adapted the methodology for 2019–2020 to place the same emphasis on the educational environment and research and now evaluates universities on the basis of four metrics: Quality of education (25%), employment of graduates (25%), quality of staff (10%), and research performance (40%). This includes research (10%), high quality publications (10%), number of research works in influential journals (10%) and citation (10%) The assesment is based primarily on Thomson Reuters database and tracks data up to a decade back. It works only with available data, not including the university's reputation, which forms a substantial part of other prestigious rankings. CWUR has been publishing the ranking of 1000 most influential universities since 2014 and for the third time this year twice as many universities were evaluated, that is 2000.



2020–2021 2021–2022

Charles University in Prague


237 233
Palacký University Olomouc 572 573 587

Masaryk University


577 587

Czech Technical University in Prague


609 594

University of South Bohemia in České Budějovice


1021 1052

University of Chemistry and Technology in Prague


1131 1116
Czech University of Life Sciences in Prague 1339 1263 1257

Brno University of Technology


1361 1298

Mendel University in Brno


1717 1724

University of Ostrava


1897 1880
VSB Technical University of Ostrava 1853 1912 1883

University of West Bohemia


1905 1902

University of Pardubice


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Source: CWUR - World University Rankings 2021–2022