Jiří Městecký

Jiří F. Městecký is a widely acclaimed immunologist and a co-explorer of the mucous immune system and of the structure and the function of specialised human antibodies that take part in defending mucous membranes against infection. He was instrumental in revealing the molecular structure, mechanism of secretion, and defence mechanisms of the main mucous immunoglobulin IgA. Most recently, he has been developing a vaccine that could be used in vaccination against AIDS.

He received the title Doctor Honoris Causa for his extraordinary contribution to our understanding of the mechanisms of regulation and functioning of the mucous immune system. His contribution to the development of cooperation between international immunology institutes and immunologists and allergists from Olomouc has also been very precious. Palacký University thus awarded Prof Městecký's outstanding scientific achievements in immunology as well as his collaboration with local researchers and doctors.


  • Palacký University Honorary Doctorate - May 14, 2014