Stanislav Kratochvíl

Stanislav Kratochvíl is an important Czech psychologist and psychotherapist. His specialisation is psychotherapy (mostly of neuroses), hypnosis, and sexual therapy. He has been giving lectures at Palacký University since 1978. His lectures are highly regarded for both their content and form. Prof Kratochvíl is currently Head Psychologist in the Psychiatric Hospital in Kroměříž, where he performs his clinical practice. He is the author of the specialised monographs Základy psychoterapie (The Basics of Psychotherapy), Skupinová psychoterapie v praxi (Group Therapy in Practice), Manželská a párová terapie (Marital and Partner Therapy), Sexuální dysfunkce (Sexual Dysfunctions), Klinická hypnóza (Clinical Hypnosis), Experimentální hypnóza (Experimental Hypnosis), and Příběhy terapeutických skupin (Stories from Therapy Groups). Most of them have also been published in Polish.


  • The František Palacký Prize - May 14, 2002